School Recycling

We currently have 32 schools in the school recycling programme.  The schools benefit by accumulating rand value credits for the recyclable waste they collect.  Our school recycling team collects the recyclable waste streams from the schools on a weekly basis and each school gets issued with a delivery note for the waste collected.
At the end of the year the school selects items it needs to the rand value credits it has accumulated during the year.  In addition the schools are entered into a competition and the schools with the highest volume of recyclables stand to win various prizes donated through the Call2Action programme.
Some schools have bottle banks on site and have been entered into The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) competition and the schools collecting the highest volume glass stand a chance of winning prizes to the value of R 74 300 in cash.
All schools in Mdantsane have been entered into the Coca Cola competition for schools and stand a chance of also winning lucrative prizes for the schools as well as getting rebates for their recyclables and other incentives from Coca Cola.

We urge parents and the community to assist the schools by dropping their recyclable waste at these schools. Companies and industries can also donate their recyclables by adopting a school and the value of their recyclable waste goes to the schools.

All schools interested in joining the school recycling programme can contact our office on:
078 602 0532 / 060 5644 289.


Selborne HighMfundo Primary School
Southernwood PrimaryMdantsane Junior Primary School
George Randell HighEbhotwe Primary School
Port Rex TechnicalBulumko Primary School
Clarendon HighFunulwazi Primary School
Hudson Park HighEncotsheni Primary School
Kings CollegeWongalethu High School
Arcadia PrimaryHlokoma Secondary School
Abbotsford Christian SchoolMzingisi Primary School
LillyfonteinIsithsaba Junior Primary School
College StreetZikwaba Public School
Cambridge High SchoolSongeze Primary School
Beaconhurst PrimarySiyanda Primary School
Crewe PrimaryMoses Mabhida High School
Stirling High SchoolSinikiwe High School
Noncedo Public
President Primary

Selborne High

Dawson Rd, Selborne, East London, 5213, South Africa

Southernwood Primary

27 St Peters Rd, Southernwood, East London, 5213, South Africa

George Randall High

Sunnyridge Ext 3, East London, 5201, South Africa

Port Rex Technical

55 Chamberlain Rd, Vincent, East London, 5217, South Africa

Clarendon High

1 Union Ave, Selborne, East London, 5213, South Africa

Hudson Park High

Devereux Ave, Vincent, East London, 5247, South Africa

Kings College

Commercial Rd, Riverine, East London, 5219, South Africa

Arcadia Primary

61 Kimberley Rd, Milner Estate Lennox Estate & Pan, East London, 5201, South Africa

Abbotsford Christian School

Nord Ave, Abbotsford, East London, 5241, South Africa

Lilyfontein School

Brakfontein, East London, 5259, South Africa

College Street

College St, East London Cbd, East London, 5200, South Africa

Cambridge High School

20 Garcia St, Chiselhurst, East London, 5247, South Africa

Crewe Primary

13 Jevon St, Amalinda, East London, 5247, South Africa

Stirling High School

Stirling, East London, 5241, South Africa

Beaconhurst Primary

59 Hillcrest Dr, Beaconhurst, East London, 5241, South Africa

Noncedo Public

Farm B26, Thorn Park, East London, 5200, Eastern Cape, South Africa, South Africa

President Primary

Quigney Beach, East London, 5211, South Africa

Mfundo Primary School

32° 56′ 47.22″ S27° 45′ 19.152″ E

Mdantsane Junior Primary School

32° 56′ 41.532″ S27° 45′ 11.052″ E

Ebhotwe Primary School

32° 57′ 1.584″ S27° 45′ 44.928″ E

Bulumko Primary School

32° 56′ 3.732″ S27° 46′ 10.56″ E

Funulwazi Primary School

32° 56′ 45.553″ S27° 45′ 50.137″ E

Encotsheni Primary School

32° 57′ 1.944″ S27° 45′ 52.056″ E

Wongalethu High School

32° 57′ 0.05″ S27° 45′ 1.03″ E

Hlokoma Secondary School

32° 55′ 59.462″ S27° 45′ 9.839″ E

Mzingisi Primary School

32° 56′ 26.93″ S27° 46′ 8.368″ E

Isithsaba Junior Primary School

32° 56′ 56.933″ S27° 43′ 7.241″ E

Zikwaba Public School

Zikwaba Location, Zikwaba, Eastlondon, Mdantsane, 5219

Siyanda Primary School

32° 57′ 40.043″ S27° 41′ 49.254″ E

Moses Mabhida High School

32° 57′ 50.724″ S27° 41′ 19.068″ E

Sinikiwe High School

32° 57′ 1.386″ S27° 43′ 33.578″ E