Waste Services

We Specialise in the collection of recyclable waste streams

The Recycling Process

1. Collect

Recyclables are collected by a dedicated recycling truck

2. Sort

Recyclables are sorted into different waste streams

3. Recycle

Recyclables are sent to local recycling plants

Waste Beneficiation

We are at the pilot stage of beneficiating some of the glass that we collect and this in turn will enable us to create more sustainable jobs locally.


We are able to crush our glass to produce Glass Sand.

On-site Waste Management Services

We have the capacity and capability to assist clients with the management of their non-core waste operations.

Our approach is to manage waste in accordance with the hierarchy of waste management thereby optimising the clients operations to reduce/eliminate the generation of waste thereby reducing the client’s environmental footprint.

Clients for this service

Waste Consulting Services

We have the capacity, project team, and expertise to ensure that clients receive the best possible waste management support.

Project Management


Waste License Applications


Upgrading & closure of existing landfill sites

Co-ordinating public participation

Waste Management

Waste Stream Classification


Rehabilitation of landfill sites for suitable end-users

Feasibility studies